Polymer Primers (Adhesive for friction material)


Adhesive for friction material

About This Project

General :

This adhesive is specially designed for production in brake lining field. This adhesive has strong bondage to bond brake leather to metal disc or plate.Best adhesive for friction material. This product is composed of 3 parts to be utilized in steps.

Physical properties:

1.            Component : 3 part adhesive

2.            Required curing Temperature : 150c to 180c

3.            Solvent : Ethyl Acetate

4.            Viscosity : 80 – 170 cps

Application of Polymer Primers (Adhesive for friction material):

All of 3 mixtures be applied in same ratio. Single coat on metal disc and bind rubber on disc. Bake at temperature of 150c to 180c. It will give best adhesive performance.

Its best usage is in the production of motor bike brake shoes.