J-5000-21 (J-21) Rubber To Metal



About This Project

General :

1. J-5ooo-21 is heat activated bonding agent.Applied in manufacture of auto-seals, Auto rubber parts, Heavy duty foundations and Coupling natural and synthetic Elastoplast to ferrous/ non-ferrous metals.
2. The bonding takes place between 180c to 220c.
3.The elastomers components bond with  J-5000-21 Will withstand oil and grease environment and surface.


Physical properties :

1. Appearance : Dark Brown color

2. Viscosity: 85-165 cps

3. Solid content : 30%-35%

4. Best solvent system :xylene

Application of  J-5000-21:

A very thin 5-10 micrometer uniform coating gives best results.Application of thick coating be avoided which may lead to film displacement during molding process due to poor drying.