Tem lock J-5000-55 Special for Leather to Shoes sole



About This Project

General :

TEMLOCK  J-5000-55 is DR for shoes industry. Applied for attachment of Specially bonding of leather to shoes soles & leather surface.It is equally applicable in bonding shoe soles manually as well as through I.M.S and D.M.S and in manufacturing Fan-bells/Fiber Glass sheets etc. By just adding Few drops of DR (J-5000-55) in Adhesive paste (DC) it will give most strongest force of Adhesion.

Physical properties :

1.           Appearance : Transparent

2.            Viscosity : 80 – 170 cps

3.            Solid content : 30%-35%

4.            Best solvent system : Methyl chloride

Application of TEMLOCK J-5000-55 :

The bonding takes place between 120°C to 220°C  during the process of elastomer vulcanization.Use 5% to 10% in Chemical Quantity by weight. To increase strength of Adhesive Chemcial. J-5000-55 make Adhesive Strong and thermosetting.